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J. Ocean Eng. Technol. 1995;9(2):30-40.    

Real Time Control for the Position and Velocity of Robot Manipulator With Parameter Uncertainties
Lee Gang-Du,Kim Gyeong-Nyeon,Han Seong-Hyeon,Lee Jin,Lee Jong-Nyeon,Kim Hwi-Dong
不確實性을 고려한 로보트 매니퓰레이터의 位置 및 速度에 대한 實時間 制御
진주 전문대,거제 전문대,경남대학교,경남대학교,동서공과대학,연암공전
© 1995 The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers     Open access / Under a Creative Commons License
Keywords: Robust Control, Inverse Model, Perturbation, Load Variation, Parameter Uncertainty, Trajectory, Tracing Real time Control
핵심용어: 견실제어, 역 모델, 섭 동, 부하 변동, 파라미터 불확실성, 궤적 추적, 실시간 제어
In this paper, it is proposed a robust control scheme for real time control of a robot manipulator with parameter uncertainties. The focus of this paper is a new approach of multivariable control schemes for an assembly robot manipulator to achieve the accurate trajectory tracking by joint angles. The proposed control scheme consists of a multivariable feedforward controller and feedback controller. In this control scheme, the feedback controller consists of proportional-derivative type and is designed by the pole placement method. The feedforward controller uses the inverse of the linealized model of robot manipulator dynamics. This feedback controller ensures that each joint enables to track any reference trajectory. The proposed robot controller scheme has a computational efficiency


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