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J. Ocean Eng. Technol. 1988;2(2):78-86.    

Influence of Salt Solution Concentration on Corrosion Pit Growth Characteristic of Dual Phase Steel
Oh Sae-Wook,Kang Ho-Min,Kim Tae-Man,Do Yeong-Min
복합조직강의 부식피트 성장특성에 미치는 식염수농도의 영향
동아대학교 기계공학과,동아대학교 대학원,동아대학교 대학원,동아대학교 대학원
Copyright © 1988 The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers     Open access / Under a Creative Commons License
Key Words: Corrosion Pit, Martensite Phase, Hemispherical Pit, Salt Solution Concentration, Corrosion Pit Deprh Growth Rate
핵심용어: 부식피트, 마르텐사이트상, 반구상피트, 식염수농도, 부식피트깊이성장속도
In order to investigate the corrosion pit occurrence and growth characteristic of M.E.F.(martensite encapsulated islands of ferrite) dual phase steel was made with a suitable heat treatment of raw material(SS41), a corrosion fatigue test was performed under rotary bending in the salt solution having a concentration from 0.01 wt percent to 3.5 wt percent. The fatigue strength of dual phase steel was remarkably decreased with an increase in concentration of salt solution; approximately from 63% to 80% in case of dual phase steel and from 40% to 71% in case of raw material. Corrosion pit occurred in the martensite phase and fatigue cracks from corrosion pits were selectively propagated in martensite phases. In the observation of corrosion pits at the origin of fatigue cracks, it had been found that corrosion pits were grown into hemispherical pits and a/c(the surface diameter, 2c and the depth, a of corrosion pit)was about 1.0-1.5regardless of the variation of salt solution concentration. The difference of corrosion pit depth growth rate was increased with an increase in concentration of salt solution according to an increase in stress level.


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