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J. Ocean Eng. Technol. 1999;13(2):74-82.    

Optimization of Bar-to-Bar Similar Friction Welding of Crank Shaft for Motor Vehicle and the Weld Fatigue Strength Properties and its AE Evaluation
Oh, Sea-Kyoo;Yang, Hyung-Tae;Kim, Hun-Kyoung;
자동차 크랭크 軸用 鋼材의 棒對棒 同種材 摩擦熔接의 疲勞强度 特性 및 AE 評價
부경대학교 기계자동차공학부;부경대학교 대학원;부경대학교 대학원;
Copyright © 1999 The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers     Open access / Under a Creative Commons License
Key Words: Acoustic Emission, Friction Welding, Heat Affected Zone, Outside Diameter, Weld Interface
핵심용어: AE, 음향방출, FRW, 마찰용접, HAZ, 열영향부, O.D
Nowadays, the crank shaft motor vehicle has become essential as the important component. The machining precision was asked for manufacturing the shaft. They could be unstable in the quality by the conventional are welding. Both in-process quailty control and high reliability of the weld are the major concerns in applying friction wlding to the economical and qualified mass-production. No reliable nondestructive monitoring method is avaliable at present to determine the real-time evaluation of automatic production quality control for bar-to-bar friction welding of the crank shaft of O.D 24mm for motor vehicle. This paper, so that, presents the experimental examinations and statistical quantitative analysis of the correlation between the cumulative counts of acoustic emission(AE) during plastic deformation periods of the welding and the tensile strength and other properties of the bar-to-bar welded joints of O.D. 24mm shaft as well as the various welding variables, as a new approach which attempts finally to develop real-time quality monitoring system for friction welding, resulting in practical possiblility of real-time quality control more than 100% joint efficiency showing good weld with no micro structural defects.


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