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J. Ocean Eng. Technol. 2010;24(2):18-24.    

Numerical Simulation for Deformation Characteristics of Artificial Reef
Yoon Seong-Jin,Park Young-Suk,Kim Kyu-Han,Pyun Chong-Kun
RIC Kwandong University,Handong E&C Co. Ltd.,Dept. of Civil Engineering Kwandong University,Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Myongji University
인공리프 제체의 변형특성에 관한 수치시뮬레이션
관동대학교 첨단해양공간연구센터,(주)한동이엔씨,관동대학교 토목공학과,명지대학교 토목환경공학과
Copyright © 2010 The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers     Open access / Under a Creative Commons License
Key Words: Submerged rubble structures, Artificial reef, Rubble mound breakwater, Incoming wave, Minimum weight
핵심용어: 잠수형 사석구조물, 인공리프, 사석식경사제, 내습파, 소요중량
Submerged rubble structures include artificial reef and the mound part of the rubble mound breakwater. Artificial reef is a type of the submerged wave absorbing structure installed in a coastal zone to prevent beach erosion and designed to initially reduce the energy of incoming waves so that its run-up height and overtopping quantity can be decreased. In order to ascertain the stability of such submerged rubble structures, minimum weight of the rubble has to be calculated first from the incoming wave height using Hudson's formula or Brebner-Donnelly formula. Based on the calculated minimum weight, a model is built for use in a hydraulic model test carried out to check its stability. The foregoing two formulas used to calculate the minimum weight are empirically derived formulas based on the result of the tests on the rubble mound breakwater and it is, therefore, difficult for us to apply them directly in the calculation of the minimum weight of the submerged structures. Accordingly, this study comes up with a numerical simulation method capable of deformation analysis for rubble structures. This study also tries to identify the deformation mechanism of the submerged rubble structures using the numerical simulation. The method researched through this study will be sufficient for use for usual preparations of the design guidelines for submerged rubble structures.


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